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Email Marketing Program
Put Email Marketing To Work For You!

Consumers spend a large amount of time checking their email each day. If you can analyze even your individual time spent, imagine the impact effective email marketing can have on your business!

Here at Webmate Technologies we implement an advanced email marketing program, which requires a high range of creative, technical and strategic marketing skills and know-how. At Webmate Technologies, we serve our clients with an advanced proven way to generate traffic, improve sales, build your brand and maximize your ROI. Our email marketing services enable you to send targeted and timely information to your recipients on demand. We can help you plan, design, and build your email marketing campaigns while ensuring they achieve optimal results for your business.

Some of the advantages that our Email Marketing Program offers are:
Boost Customer Communication

Keep customers and potential customers coming back with email newsletters, we help you to avoid spam filters.

Amplify your Message with Social Media

Make use of social media to reach customer and potential customers.

Get A Professional Look

We can develop custom email designs that extends your brand to this new market.

Target Your Specific Customers Directly

Increase the impact of your emails by categorizing you email list by consumer interest. In this way you send relevant and targeted emails to your customers which increases response rates.

Grow Your Business Through Referrals

Email Newsletters and advertisements are easy to forward. When your customers forward your email to their friends and family; this can potentially can turn them into loyal followers as well.

See Results Immediately

Sending emails are quick and easy. You can see the results of the email campaign in real-time with our email reports. Through research, you can schedule email delivery for when people are most likely to check their email, thereby increasing the likelihood of reading and taking action in response to your advertisement.

Learn Who Opens, Clicks and Forwards Your Email Campaigns

We provide graphs and reports that show your email marketing response rates. These reports will allow you to see who opens your emails, who forwards them to friends and who clicks on which links. Additionally you can learn what people are interested in, so that you can tailor your content, boost responses and grow your business further.

Lower Your Marketing Cost

We offer our email marketing services and competitive pricing, and provide the best quality of email marketing services out there. Trust Webmate Technologies to help you increase quality traffic to your site and to improve your ROI.

We provide continuous guidance throughout the project, you are assigned with an account manager who is an expert in their respective field. Our account managers help define your email strategy, manage the implementation of advanced emailing techniques and provide on-going analysis of your email program to better enhance the results of your campaign.

We offer the following:

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with email marketing services that are extremely powerful and easy to use.

If you are ready to move ahead and chart a whole new growth path for business through an impressive online representation, contact us today at +91-8855923166 , for a no-obligation consultation, or click here for a Free Quote.